Welcome to Dog Dog Daycare!  We understand you might be a little nervous if this is your first day. Don't worry, we have a full day planned for you and Tulip is here to guide you through.

First, we ask that your parents drop you off before 7:30am. You might still be sleepy but its for the best. We're going to be great friends and you will meet lots of other friends but its no fun having all of us sniff your butt at once.

When you arrive you will get the chance to sniff around, meet the humans who look after us and get comfortable. We will then evaluate which group of friends you will have the most fun with. This might sound scary but don't worry its kind of like the sorting hat in Harry Potter. We always take your feelings into account when matching you with a play group.

Through out the day you will get to meet more friends, play, eat lunch, go potty and rest. We go into our own kennel when eating and resting, everyone needs a little down time. At the end of the day we will give your parents feed back and if Dog Dog is a good fit for you.

After your first day your parents can drop you off at a time that is better for your schedule. You will be able to join your friends and play. Throughout the day we have lots of opportunities to be a regular dog hanging out with our friends, wrestling, playing chase and sniff butts. It is very important that we listen to our humans. They are here to make sure that play remains safe and fun. We practice "sit" and "come" throughout the day. Are encouraged to be calm and composed before going through the gate and leaving our kennel. When we do a good job we get treats and praise, which is always fun.

Your parents will receive regular report cards with pictures of us playing with our friends. Parents are welcome to stop by during the day to see how we are doing and all the fun we are having.